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Be Kind to Kimtu

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Your Park Needs Your Help

For some unknown reason, there have recently been several incidents of vandalism and disrespect near the Kimtu entrance. The gate has been busted up by vandals driving through it. Once could have been an accident, but it has happened twice.

Yes, bears get into trash cans. But ours don’t usually have anything of bear-interest in them. And bears don’t usually attack poop-disposal bins, either. I mean, really, why would anyone (sane)?

How to Stop the Vandalism

The best way to stop this kind of thing is for YOU to keep an eye out for it when you are there, and to let us know right away when there is a problem. It would be a shame to have to spend actual money on a camera to watch our visitors.

What do YOU think? Should we tuck a camera in the trees where no one can see it? What would the consequences be for the Poop Can Vandals? Do you think their “dirty deeds” would go viral (they might get some really nasty viruses anyway…) after we post these perverts stirring around in feces on You Tube? Would this make them heroes? Or Subjects of Disgust? I vote for Disgust, what do you think? Comments are open (but reviewed before posting, ah-ah-ah! So watch your typing.).