Community Farming Project

The SoHum Park community farming allotment is located along side the beautiful Eel River within the Southern Humboldt Community Park. Local farmers and gardeners who have farmed on this land are dedicated to the wholesome stewardship of the land and providing fresh organic produce for our schools and community.

Agriculture and community gardening at the park began with Mishka Straka and Crockett Marr under the auspices of the “Farm and Garden Club.” By 2003 there were two acres of corn and pumpkins growing. From the beginning, the idea was to invite and include community participation.

In 2005, the land was producing many crops using dryland farming methods, including watermelons, corn, and tomatoes. Farm and Garden Club participants focused on creating a farm for the future — a community where food is grown sustainably, enjoyed locally, a farm where jobs are created, and resources are recycled through composting.

As a community we’ve grown tens of thousands of watermelons without a drop of irrigation, planted some trees, learned how to fence out bears, contributed to the local economy, built an electric tractor, and remain committed to decreasing our petroleum footprint by cultivating horse-powered farming.

With 16 acres of good soil under cultivation, the farm produces a wide variety of seasonal certified organic produce for the local retail market, the farmers market and local restaurants. The farm hosts school group visits, an apprenticeship program and seed saving and food preservation workshops.