CalFresh Outreach Program

Partnering with Local Organizations to

Promote a Healthier Community

Farm fresh food basketHorse and BalloonsThe Community Park partners with various local community organizations and farmers to offer fresh food and outreach services to the Southern Humboldt community. The Park strives to be a food hub, linking local farmers to existing food delivery programs and local families through our CalFresh Outreach program.

Our CalFresh Outreach program includes delivery of weekly fresh food baskets with locally grown produce, meat and eggs, as well as literature with recipes and nutrition resources. Produce is provided by local Southern Humboldt farms, including The Community Farm located at the Community Park, Flood Plain Produce, Briceland Forest Farm, Feisty Dog Orchard, and fruit, vegetables, meat, bread, honey and cider from over a dozen other local organic farms, ranches and bakeries. By subsidizing the cost of food baskets for eligible families, our program is inclusive of Southern Humboldt county’s under-served neighborhoods and families.

Each week from Spring to Fall, the Community Park provides fresh and nutritious food to individual families, seniors and local safety-net organizations that provide hot meals to those in need, including the Garberville Food Pantry, the Healy Senior Center, and WISH Women’s Shelter. While larger kitchen baskets are given to local food-distribution organizations, individual baskets are also dispersed to families and seniors connected with the Southern Humboldt Family Resource Center, Beginnings School, Healy Center, and Community Cornerstone via our weekly delivery system. During the 2018 summer season, more than 20,000 fresh meals were served to community members within the Southern Humboldt area through our CalFresh Outreach program. It is expected that upwards of 25,000 meals will be delivered during the upcoming 2019 season.

Encouraging a Healthy Lifestyle

HorseThe Southern Humboldt Community Park also encourages health and well-being through access to safe outdoor recreation and gardening workshops. With access to the Community Park, its farm, farm animals and 3.5 miles of easy trails, participants are welcomed to walk the perimeter of the park and experience the beauty of the land. Many residents find that in this natural setting, it is a pleasure to incorporate recreation into their daily routine.

The wide array of recreational opportunities at the Park enables local residents to participate in healthy exercise throughout the year. Through our gardening workshops and volunteer days, participants can receive vegetable starts and learn how to grow their own healthy fruits and vegetables at home.

For more information about CalFresh, please visit our CalFresh page,  getcalfresh.org or  www.c4yourself.com.