Environmental Impact Report

Mission accomplished: the Park has been rezoned!

It is more than a decade since the Southern Humboldt community was inspired to come together to secure this incredible piece of property and create a Community Park, a unique and valuable legacy for future generations. The community made significant contributions for the purchase of the land and historic buildings, and it is nearly paid for.  Now it is time to complete the rezoning and allow the Park to open its gates to the future.

In order for the Southern Humboldt Community Park to fulfill its mission, it was necessary to rezone 87 acres from Agriculture Exclusive (AE) to Public Facilities (PF) and change the land use designation for all 400 acres from Agriculture Residential (AR) 5-20 and Agriculture Land (AL) 20 to Public Recreation (PR). Approximately 320 acres remain in Agriculture Exclusive.

The 87 acre Public Facilities zone will remain mostly a natural area combined with agricultural uses. Within this zone spaces could be defined where people could come together for public gathering such as celebrations, events, workshops, fundraisers, weddings and organized sports and sporting events.

The change in land use designation to Public Recreation protects the land from future subdivision and allows low-impact activities to continue on the acreage zoned Agricultural Exclusive as well as the 87 acres with the new zoning of Public Facilities.

The Park board commissioned numerous studies by qualified, certificated experts covering a variety of topics, including sound, geology, biology, cultural and historic resources, wetlands, agriculture and soils. It has been more than a twelve year process of drafting an Environmental Impact Report for the Southern Humboldt Community Park’s zone change.

You can view our released EIR here. (Please note that this is a very large file)

The Southern Humboldt community is finally able to have recreational amenities such as sports fields, improved walking, hiking and biking trail systems, dedicated areas with on site parking and public facilities for hosting special events and cultural events such as the annual Egg Hunt!

How you can participate

Maintaining over 400 acres which offer over three miles of multi-use trails, a playground and picnic area, other recreational features, valuable wildlife habitat and an organic farm is a lot of work! The road to creating this multi-service regional park had many twists and turns but the Southern Humboldt community can be very proud of what it has accomplished!  There are many ways community members can continue to help build this legacy for the future:

Make a contribution! 

Identify a need and work with the Park to fill it: Participate in Park work days, skate board ramp maintenance, memorial benches, labyrinth maintenance, Tooby Playground Dad’s Club, volunteer at the Farm or events, or YOUR idea.

Be an advocate for the Park: with your friends and neighbors, in letters to the editor, in correspondence and meetings with officials, “like” the Park on Facebook.

Use the Park! Walk or ride the trails. Enjoy the playground, the labyrinth, bird watching, disc golf or the skate ramp.  Hold your family gatherings and other events at Tooby, Celebration Grove or the Event area!


SoHum Community Park is in an exciting phase.  The seeds the community plants now, both literally and figuratively, can provide shade, shelter, food, recreation and culture to our grandchildren’s grandchildren.  Please be a part of the magic!

Contact the Park by calling 707-923-2928. Donations may be mailed to SHCP, P.O. Box 185, Garberville, CA 95542 or deposited in the Park’s Donation account #10771 at the Community Credit Union of Southern Humboldt in Garberville.