bike-racersMountain biking in the steep hills of Southern Humboldt can be a challenging activity. The community park provides some rare, gentle mileage that is perfect for initiating beginners into the sport. The proximity to town makes it a convenient spot for a spontaneous ride or regular training; advanced riders may take a few laps and include side trails for more challenge. The South Fork High School Mt. Bike team met there regularly to stay in race shape and a successful racing event was held there that was suitable for all ages and skill levels.

Additionally, the small scale of the park provides the perfect opportunity for practicing trail etiquette; as a multi-use loop, one often encounters hikers (sometimes with dogs or children), equestrians and other cyclists. Since you are likely to see these other trail users again (either back at the parking lot or on your next lap), there is strong incentive to be friendly and yield the right of way.

Another unsung aspect of the park is the terrain itself; while this area is world-renowned for its coastal and redwood trails, the community park provides users with a tour through some of the oldest mixed-hardwood forests that define much of the inland scenery. The ecosystems of the river and meadow overlap with this environment, and create a unique, compact tour of southern Humboldt diversity.