…But Not a Drop to Drink

If you are standing in front of the barn looking east-ish, you can see the Garberville Sanitary District water distribution plant. So close. So it seems reasonable that the Park would have potable water just like the rest of Garberville, yes? A few drinking fountains at, say, the Events area, Kimtu, and Tooby would be just the ticket and no problem, yes?

No. It seems the regulatory ley lines administered by the Humboldt LAFCO, which were laid down during the Park’s previous incarnations as private land, unfortunately don’t include service to the Park. There is water at the Park, but it comes from wells and must be treated before it can be used for human consumption. So no drinking fountains until we can be included in the appropriate district.

Our request for same was presented during our EIR application which was recently approved (crosslink). If you are curious as to what the current exact specifics of the situation are, your best bet is to check the horse’s mouth (the Garberville Sanitary District Municipal Service Review report ) posted on the Humboldt LAFCO site.