The Southern Humboldt Community Park is a place for the community to use and enjoy. Our goal for the Park to become a hub for community activities is within reach as of the September of 2017 rezoning. We hope to provide you with the sites and services that you want from us. In turn, we need your participation. Here are some ways that can work. We are always open to learning about new ways.

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Changes Coming

The 2017 rezoning allows the Park to host events such as retreats, hobby clubs, weddings, memorials, meetings and fundraising events. It also allows us to put in more projects like the Skate Park, the Disc Golf Fairway and the Labyrinth.

If you have an idea or an interest in hosting an event at the Park, please contact us. If you have an idea for a project, read How to Start a New Project at the Park, then contact us.