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The beautiful autumn colors are in full swing here at the park! 🍁🍂🍄 This is a wonderful time to visit for a family hike, photography session, a round of disc golf or simply to take in all the beautiful #autumnvibes. If you have any beautiful fall photos taken at the park please share them in the comments! ...

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1 week ago

Southern Humboldt Community Park

Do you like great authentic Philadelphian food aka philly cheese steaks??? Do you also like supporting local businesses? If so please check out Little Bits Food Truck at the Stone Junction Bar in Garberville this Friday 11/20 for some fantastic eats! ...

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Dear Southern Humboldt Community,

We now have an open forum group for those interested in volunteering at Southern Humboldt Community Park! This is the official collaboration location where we will post volunteering opportunities, where you can share your ideas for projects and events, cool photos and much more. Please feel free to join, tag someone who might be interested and share!

With gratitude,

-Southern Humboldt Community Park Team


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