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Other ways to donate money:

Become a Sponsor

Give a donation in your business’ name. Please call the office 707-923-2928.  Then, prepare a logo for us to display on our website.


We really love our volunteers!  Here is how to become one. If you don’t see an activity that appeals to you on the list, suggest something you would like to do. It’s possible we might need that.  For instance, we need an updated map of the Park. Can you do cartography? Call the office – 707-923-2928.

Want to start a new activity at the Park? We welcome great ideas. Take a look at How to Start a New Project at the Park.

When we throw fund-raisers and other parties, we sometimes need balloons, crepe paper, flowers and the like. Got any you want to give away? And storage? We always need storage containers.  Call the office – 707-923-2928.