Meet the people devoted to the park

Board of Directors

Left to Right: Ross Huber, Meghan Joyce, Laura Cochrane, Jesse Hill, Carolyn Hino-Bourassa, Matt Banning (Shelter Cove, CA November 2018)

Meet our Board – these are the folks that donate a ton of time, energy and resources to fulfill the Park’s mission!

Meghan Joyce – Chair
Matt Banning – Vice Chair
Alex Hulbert – Secretary
Carolyn Hino-Bourassa – Treasurer Jesse Hill – Officer
Mike Egan – Officer


Laura Cochrane, Executive Director, (707) 923-2928,

Lance and Marilyn, Tooby Memorial Playground Caretakers

Mike McCall, Operations

Pictured: Ellie Huber, Carol Van Sant, Eric Kirk

Directors Emeritus:

Stephen Dazey, Tim Metz, Peter Ryce, Carol Van Sant, Eric Kirk, Kathyrn Lobato, Dennis Huber in memorium, Ross Huber.