All comers are welcome to play Disc Golf on the Park Fairway.

Disc (Frisbee) Golf is a game in which individual players throw a flying disc (i.e. a Frisbee) into a basket or at a target.

According to the Professional Disc Golf Association,

The object of the game is to traverse a course from beginning to end in the fewest number of throws of the disc.

Of the more than 3000 established disc golf courses as of 2010, approximately 87% are free. The sport has grown at a rate of 12-15 percent annually for more than the past decade, with nearly 3,000 courses in the US and over 3,000 more globally. The game is played in over 40 countries worldwide.

Our own course was started by disc golf enthusiasts in 2007 and now features 9 chain basket goals distributed over several acres in the southeast portion of the Park.  The course is closely affiliated with both the Humboldt County disc golf club, Par Infinity (, which maintains a calendar of Humboldt County disc golf events, and the semi-private Birds of Paradise disc golf course near Miranda, created by Caleb Gribi.

For more information on our course, you can contact Caleb Gribi at 707-601-9716 or Dano Porter at 707-923-1120.

Discs are available for sale at Allsport & Toys on Redwood Drive in Garberville.

The Course

Aerial Photo of Disc Golf Course
Birds-Eye View of the Course – lines represent holes 1-18

There is a practice basket to the right of hole 1.

  • Hole 1: Par 3 275′ OB in cow pasture. OB in creek bed.

Please do not walk in the creek bed. Also, we will be addressing the issue of discs flying into the cow paddock. In the meantime, please do not climb the fence. If you need to retrieve a disc from the cow paddock, please walk around. Its a bit of a jaunt, but you can get in there by going back out and around the practice basket/barn to the gate. 

  • Hole 2: 260′ Par 3 OB over fence to the left, long in creek.
  • Hole 3: 495′ Par 4 OB road and left. OB beyond fence behind pin.
  • **Safari hole marked on map in pink** is not a part of the final course layout, but you can play this to get you over to hole 13.
  • Hole 13 (temp hole 4): 280′ Par 3
  • Hole 14 (temp hole 5): 270′ Par 3 OB road deep
  • Hole 15 (temp hole 6): 420′ Par 3 OB Creek and right, or in creek deep/left
  • Hole 16 (temp hole 7): 520′ Par 4 OB from tee if short/right of creek.(Drop zone by end of second bridge.)
  • Hole 17 (temp hole 8): 575′ Par 4
  • Hole 18 (temp hole 9): 700′ Par 4 OB over fence behind pin.

Distances are based on Google Maps ruler and may not be entirely accurate.

Be careful to stay on the fairways as the rough is still very rough.

Thick blackberry and poison oak abounds.