Pit bull/boxer mix, Samson, perks up his ears at the mention of a walk
Samson looks hopeful at the mention of a walk

The Park is a favorite destination for dog-owners, and dogs are allowed throughout the Park as long as they are leashed and closely controlled at all times. As the park becomes increasingly popular, diligent dog control and etiquette become increasingly vital to everyone’s enjoyment. Please remember that while your dog may be very friendly, some people and some dogs are very uncomfortable around unfamiliar, unrestrained dogs. Remember, too, that there is wildlife throughout the Park, as well as livestock in the area near the barns.

Creating a Dog Park

Several dog owners have mentioned a desire for a fenced “Dog Park,” an off-leash area, and this may be possible once the park has been rezoned. If you would like to see this happen, be sure to let us know. Check out the Advocates Guide for Park Use to learn more about requesting a project.