There are no day-use fees for ordinary use of the park by individuals or informal gatherings. If you are a conducting business at the Park (Dog training, photography sessions, yoga classes, etc.) please contact the office to discuss associated fees.

Day use fees are not required but are appreciated. If your event fits any of the criteria below, please call the office to discuss, and reserve the desired location for your event:

  • If you would like to host a group event at the Park with over 10 people.
  • You would like to reserve a specific area for the use of your group.
  • Participants of your event will be charged a fee.
  • Food, alcohol or merchandise will be sold at the event.
  • Alcohol will be served at your event which will require liquor liability coverage.
  • Entertainment, such as bounce houses, hired musicians, photo booths or other rentals or services are present.

Baseline Suggested Day Use Fees vary by location in the Park.

You can pay in advance at the Park Office drop box , in person, or mail to PO Box 185, 95542.

Suggested donations for Kimtu area; Tooby Memorial Playground, Redwood Grove & Eel River frontage:

$30 – small gatherings (1-10 people)

$45 – small gatherings (10-20 people)

$60 – mid-size gatherings (20-30 people)

*Please call the office to discuss large events at the Park! or email

Suggested donations for Celebration Grove, & Pepperwood Meadow (a.k.a. Event Area)

$150-$250 – small gatherings (0-50), memorials, bridal showers, etc.

$500 – $1,000 – Fundraising and event rental rate for 1 day (non-profits, schools, etc.: inquire with the office)

$1,000 – Weddings, corporate events, other large gatherings.

The rates listed above are suggested baseline Day Use Fees.

If you’re planning on having a DJ, bounce house, etc., please contact the Park office in advance 707-923-2928

How and where to pay: Payments can be made at the Park office in person, or use the black drop box. Payments can also be made my mail: PO Box 185, 95542, or direct deposit at Vocality Credit Union account #10771.


Bird’s eye view of the Event Area, aka Pepperwood Meadow

Call for more information if you’re interested in getting married, having a big ol’ birthday party, want to throw a fundraiser, etc. in this beautiful area of the Park!

Table and Chair Rental

We now have tables and chairs available to rent for your event. Please visit our rentals page HERE to learn more.