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All Projects Are Possible

Beyond gatherings that fall under the Day Use rules, Community members and groups can now use the Park for lots of different projects and new activities. Meetings, Weddings, Retreats, Fund Raising Events.

We already have a Skate Ramp, a Disc Golf fairway and a Labyrinth. What about a rope course or zip lines or an Environmental Camp? Maybe prayer meetings or meditation in the cathedral of the trees? How about that Dog Park so many of you have asked about? Whatever you come up with, you can propose to the Board of Directors for review.  Once your project is approved, you can go for it.

It’s important to realize exactly what the Park is offering here. And it’s important to remember the Park is a non-profit, and not a wealthy one. The Board’s vision is of a partnership with members. It works like this:

  • The Board of Directors focuses on the land. They acquire it and manage it, providing basic infrastructure and Park administration.
  • The individual or group takes responsibility for all aspects of their project.

This translates to mean YOU have full power to plan, implement, fund and maintain your (approved) project. Because, as a general rule, the Park’s goal is to minimize its role in implementing projects.

Power to the People!

So, what would you like to do?

Guide for New Projects at the Park

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Want to put in that Dog Park? Ziplines? Caterpillar testing grounds? A Memorial Rose Garden? That makes you a “Park Use Advocate.” The SHCP Guidelines for Park Use Advocates  are posted below.

SHCP’s guidelines will help you bring your project into being. The guide provides information about the procedures for creating and implementing a project at the Community Park. Contact the community park office (707) 923-2928 for more information.

(And here is a handy print-out, right below:)

Advocates Guidelines for Park Use

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Do you have an idea for an activity or project at the Southern Humboldt Community Park (SHCP)? Here are the current guidelines designed to help bring your idea into being. All potential park users are encouraged to review this information closely.

Our Mission

The mission of the Southern Humboldt Community Park is to further the social, recreational, civic, and educational well-being of our entire community through appropriate use of the park land.

Our Focus

The Board’s focus is strictly limited to two goals. First, we are committed to the purchase and overall management of the park land under the rules applicable to our non-profit status,(501(c)(3). Secondly, as title-holders to the land, we are legally bound to oversee any project or activity that takes place there. This means the adherence to County, State, and Federal laws and regulations are ultimately our responsibility. These two goals constitute our commitment to park.

Developing any project beyond the basic needs for the land as a whole is out of our scope. This is where Park Use Advocates are encouraged to step in and make their dreams come true

Project Guidelines

All park use will be implemented following the guidelines: Submit a letter no longer than three pages to the Board. This letter should be composed in two sections. 1. A general description of the project/activity and the sponsoring group. Indicate what individual or group will assume legal responsibility for the specific project. Include target dates, number of people actively involved in the realization of the project, and your monetary or in-kind resources. Indicate a contact person. 2. If your project requires extensive development, outline a. Your fundraising history and plans for the future and b. Your plans for construction (if applicable), maintenance and supervision. Include a brief budget.